The Library is Now Open!

The purpose of this blog was to document the craziness of preparing for renovation, the library space during renovation, and the end of renovation. The Augusta R. Kolwyck Library and Information Commons is now open!

This blog has completed its purpose and is now the document object for the 2013 Library Renovation of the Chattanooga State Library. For continued updates on library news, please continue to visit the main library blog: Augusta R Kolwyck Library Blog

Dwight Hunter
Renovation Blog Editor


Pictures taken last night before the library re-opened today, Wednesday, October 16, 2013.

Panoramas Before and After

Here are two before and after panoramas of the newly renovated space! And yes, the library has re-opened! This blog will be ending soon.

And the second panorama

View within the new Group Study Rooms

The new group study rooms have glass walls! And sliding doors! Here is a view in the room-connector looking in each direction.

First, viewing towards the computers.

And then viewing towards the new conference room and the new library classroom on the other side of the glass wall.

Great looking new furniture in the renovated Kolwyck Library and Information Commons! Re-opening day is Wednesday, October 16!

The End of Library Renovation is Near!

Hi all:

Library Lite will be closed during Fall Break (Monday and Tuesday) in order to allow our transition into the newly renovated library space (YAY!!!).  We will be open in the Reading Center Saturday and Sunday this weekend in order to meet student needs.

The Library will open its doors at 7:30 am, Wednesday, October 16th.  A Grand Opening celebration will be planned for some time in November.  Stay tuned for details!

More to come!

Thanks to everyone for their patience and hard work in making this happen!


Susan L. Jennings
Dean of Library Services
Augusta R. Kolwyck Library and Information Commons
Chattanooga State Community College

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The vending area and collaborative seating area are becoming more defined! Not too many days left before the end of library renovation!

More furniture and computer hardware continue to arrive in the renovated Chatt State library!

Furniture arrived today! Dividers are in place on the computer tables! Glass walls are in place for the study rooms!

Since the last photo upload—wall panels installed!  Countdown to October 16!